Krafft horses

Krafft launches performance feed with SPC for horses

Lantmännen Krafft AB has three products in its range that contain SPC-Flakes®. During 2006 a field study was conducted in around 100 high performing horses in selected trainers and riders. The result was positive and in the autumn of 2007 Krafft Sport SPC® , which is a feed for competition horses with added SPC-Flakes®, was launched.  Sales was so good that another product, Krafft Groov SPC® ,was introduced during the autumn of 2008. The latter is a feed rich in fibred suited for many different horses and to “temper” race horses. These products can be used separately or in combination. They are sold in Sweden and in several European countries, e.g. France and Italy. The feed is mainly used in horses who have problems with the fluid balance during hard work. Experience has shown that it has effect in various types of horses, i.e. horses with laminitis, horses with loose stools and so on. Krafft launched Maxbalance SPC in 2013.Link

Krafft relaunched their products during 2016 and the new name of the products are: Krafft Performane, Krafft Performance Energy and Krafft Performance Maxbalance.