SPC Oat Performance

SPC Oat Performance is a patented feed ingredient for horses and dogs, based on specially processed oats which stimulates production of protein antisecretory factor (Protein-AF).


The development of SPC Oat Performance for horses is based on innovative Swedish Protein-AF research at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. It has been shown to have anti-secretory and anti-inflammatory effects in animals.
Protein-AF is present in all species and cells studied.

There is a major Protein-AF status variation between individuals. The Protein-AF activity increases in horses and dogs fed with SPC Oat Performance, which reduces the risk of diarrhea and improves the recovery and normalization of the body’s liquid balance after hard work.


For the prevention of loose stools and to normalize the body’s fluid balance and aid fast recovery. Particularly important for horses and dogs in physical training and racing conditions.


Specially processed oats through a hydrothermal process. No additives and only contains Nordic oats.


1 gram per kg of body weight per day.


SPC Oat Performance should, the first time it’s used, be fed for a two-week period before an endogenic production of Protein-AF can be achieved.

Instructions for use

SPC Oat Performance can be used as a feed ingredient, or as a complementary feed.