Salovum is a food for special medical purposes with antisecretory effects for dietary treatment of diarrhea, for example in connection with inflammatory bowel diseases such as Ulcerative colitis and MB Crohn.



Salovum is a natural product with high levels of protein antisecretory factor (Protein-AF), which has an antisecretory effect. Protein-AF regulates the ion and fluid transport across cell membranes. It can be used in an acute stage, when products inhibiting bowel movements should be avoided or are inappropriate. Salovum can also be safely used by children, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women and should be used after consulting a physician or a dietitian.

Salovum´s development is based on innovative Swedish research, originating from the discovery of Protein-AF. It’s a unique and patented product.


Spray-dried egg yolk powder is the only ingredient in Salovum. Hens are given a special feed in order to stimulate the production of Protein-AF in their eggs. No additives are used.


The usual Salovum dosage is 4g, three times daily until the desired effect has been realized.

Salovum should be stirred into a glass of cold liquid, such as water or fruit juice. It can also be used on sandwiches or, for example, in egg dishes.

Side effects, interactions and precautions

There have been no reported side effects or interactions with other foods or medications in connection with the consumption of Salovum. Salovum should never replace or change any current diet or medication. People with an egg allergy should avoid Salovum.

Where to buy

Salovum is sold in approximately ten countries and can be prescribed by doctors and dietitians in countries including Sweden and Norway. Contact us to find out more about where to buy Salovum in your local area.