SPC Wheat Defense

SPC Wheat Defense is a patented feed ingredient for piglets, based on specially processed oats which stimulate the production of protein antisecretory factor (Protein-AF).


The development of SPC-Wheat Defense is based on innovative Swedish Protein-AF research at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, which has anti-secretory and anti-inflammatory effects.

There is a major Protein-AF status variation between individuals and the Protein-AF activity will increase by feeding SPC Wheat Oats to piglets.

Protein-AF is also transferred to the piglet via colostrum and milk and the level in colostrum has been related to the frequency of neonatal diarrhea. In addition, the piglets’ Protein-AF status is also related to diarrhea after weaning. SPC Wheat Defense in the diet stimulates the Protein-AF activity and reduces the frequency of scouring, but has also been shown to improve performance in clinically healthy piglets.


SPC Wheat Defense is used in diets for piglets before and during the initial weeks after weaning. It reduces the frequency of post-weaning diarrhea and counteracts the effects of toxin-producing bacteria on production performance.


Specially processed kernel or flour made from Nordic wheat.


Five percent in the piglet’s diet before and during the first two weeks post-weaning.


The Protein-AF inducing diet with SPC Wheat Defense must be introduced at least 10-14 days prior to weaning, in order to stimulate the endogenic production of the protecting Protein-AF.